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August 30, 2011

Osteria Marco

This lunch may go down as the best meal I have ever had. If it’s not the top, it’s in the top 10 for sure. If you are familiar with Denver restaurants, you know about Frank Bonanno and his 5 restaurants ranging from casual to fine dining, Mizuna and Luca D’Italia being the most well know.

We were taking a stroll through Laimer Square, the “restaurant district” of downtown Denver when we saw a chalkboard sign with “Fresh Seasonal Bruchetta” scribbled with the rest of the specials. Being that tomatoes were in their best seasonal quality, we had to stop and grab lunch.

Osteria Marco is named for Frank Bonanno’s youngest son. Osteria means a humble restaurant where friends gather to casually enjoy their wine and food. It has a quaint patio shaded by large blue umbrellas. We walk downstairs to the main dining room – it’s causal with dark wood tables and booths, has an artisan feel, with white cotton napkins and a low key atmosphere. But, don’t let the fool you. It’s got all the stuff of a fine dining restaurant with impeccable service.

I ordered a glass of the Bella Costa Prosecco. It was crisp and fruity and extra dry with lemony citrus of pear and apple.

My husband ordered a glass of 2010 Castlelefeder Chardonnay. It was fruity with apple and pear notes. It’s somewhat spicy and a full-bodied wine.

We learned that they craft their own cheese, cure their own meat and make their own breads with an artisan approach. Even better. Let’s eat.

The bruchetta – it was wonderful. The tartness of the tomatoes balanced with a sweet and syrupy balsamic reduction. Every cheese, meat, dough, you name it, is house made at Osteria Marco. The tomatoes and balsamic sat on top of melty house-made ricotta and toasted chibatta bread with hunks of garlic throughout.

We followed with a mixed green salad with pickled red onions, house-made goat cheese, candied walnuts & strawberries.

Our sweet and salty Fig and Crispy Prosciutto Pizza was last, made as a northern Italian style pizza. The prosciutto, crisp and crumbled all over the top was just the beginning. You could smell the truffle oil mixed with house-made goat cheese, oregano and sliced sweet figs dotted all around.

Basically, 2 hours later and 3 glasses of Prosecco later, we were stuffed and in complete disbelief that we stumbled on this amazing lunch. If you are ever in Denver, you have to check this place out.

Osteria Marco
1453 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 534-5855
Open Mon-Thu,Sun 11am-10pm;
Fri-Sat 11am-11pm
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