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September 27, 2011

The Perch: Brentwood Crepes and Tapas

Brentwood is really trying to revive its “downtown” area, and these are exactly the sort of establishments that will thrive – local, fresh, family friendly and casual. The Perch is a simple and rustic restaurant that looks small from the outside, but has plenty of room for a group and breakfast goers as you step back through the layers of cozy rooms, with white washed walls and dark mission style furniture.

The coffee is a must. It’s Leopard Forest Coffee, grown In Zimbabwae, a fair-trade & organic coffee. I had the Scottish Truffle. Leopard Forest isn’t just good coffee, it’s also supports over 90 families who work there, some for more than 30 years. The farm provides their employees with free housing, day care, education, health care and community.

The next decision you have to make at breakfast is crepe vs. omelet vs. special. If you chose crepe, you have another decision: savory vs. sweet. I went savory with the Turkey and Brie crepe.

When you order, you can see the crepes and omelets being made right there in front of you. The chef scoops out the crepe batter onto the griddle and squeegees it out into a thin layer. It quickly becomes a light and fluffy canvas for all things sweet and savory.

My savory crepe came to out little rustic cafe table with a slice of turkey and Brie, a sprig of arugula and a dried cranberry, a little hit as to what was inside. The creamy Brie melts out when I cut into it and it’s the perfect pairing with the moist turkey, sweet cranberries, peppery arugula and a tangy balsamic vinaigrette.

The other breakfast decision was on the Specials board: Gouda Shrimp and Grits. The Gouda. Ooooo the Gouda. It was rich and buttery and creamy. All the flavor was packed in those grits and the shrimp only needed a bit of salt and pepper. The only thing I would suggest is to order something like toast or a muffin to eat with it to help with the richness.

Overall, it’s priced reasonable, it has a great atmosphere and is something that’s not Starbucks. This is definitely going to be our new breakfast spot. Especially when we have friends and family visiting.

Nutella & Banana Crepe | The Perch

Update: I went back to The Perch the following week and made the opposite decision: Sweet. This (above) is the Nutella crepe. I added banana’s and they douse it in chocolate syrup. Decadent!

The Perch
17A Franklin Road
Brentwood, TN 37027

(615) 661-9008
Open Weekdays 6:30am-5pm; Sat 8am-4pm
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